More is more and less is less. And at this moment in time, I think we could all use more. More laughter. More happiness. More positivity. More freedom. More adventure. More communication. The way we treat ourselves and the way we treat each other is more important than anything else. If we don’t do good to ourselves and other people, we can’t bring goodness into the world.

This is why I encourage everyone to go and do what you’ve been hesitating to start. Begin the hobby you’ve been meaning to try. Attend the class that you’ve been waiting to go to. Invite the friend to dinner. Have another chocolate. Start writing your book. It is when we fill our minds with positive thoughts and actions that we can spread positivity to others. When we’re productive, we feel fulfilled. When we’re fulfilled, we share with our friends and family. When you build connections with friends and strangers, the bonds between each other help shape new ideas and ways of thinking. More creativity. More action. More good vibes. More life.




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